About Our Company

Planning a night out? Are you looking for some fun? If you are visiting Surfside Beach, TX you should come check out our beach bar and grill. Sharkies On The Beach Bar & Grill is the key to a fun night out with your friends!

At Sharkies On The Beach Bar & Grill, we have food, drinks and live music. It is the perfect atmosphere to meet new people or to bring old friends and reunite. We have full bar service so you can have your favorite drink. Our bartenders are friendly and our food service is quick! You won’t be waiting for your appetizers when you visit our American restaurant.

The Surfside Beach nightlife starts here! We are known to have great food, service and entertainment so you have a great time. We welcome regulars to our burger joint. After a long day at work, you want to relax your body and live it up! Being at a desk during regular work hours can become a routine. To liven up your life, come visit us at Sharkies On The Beach Bar & Grill and enjoy our beach view. We also are a karaoke bar with classic and favorite songs. Who doesn’t have fun while they sing and dance?

We serve lunch and dinner menu with excellent and friendly service. At Sharkies On The Beach Bar & Grill, our service and entertainment will not disappoint you. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us today!

Why Choose Us

  • Live Entertainment
  • Beach View
  • Dedicated Customer Service


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